Pets and Their Toys: 20 Dogs and Cats Who Had Their Favorite Teddies Since They Were Babies


Every little kid has their favorite toy, doll or game. Something they won’t let go of and something they can’t go to sleep without. It turns out that pets aren’t much different and many of them adopt toys when they’re little and won’t give up on them even when they grow into full sized fluffsters.

Pictures of pets with their favorite stuffed teddies are no less cute than pictures of little kids with their own favorite toys. And we say “no less cute” only because we don’t want anyone to be offended, because what we really mean is “way cuter”.

This next series of photos shows some seriously cute puppies and kittens with their toys and then pictures of the same pets with the same toys when they’re all grown up. All we want to know is…how is that toy not totally destroyed??? Enjoy!

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