This Dad Took His Daughter Out in the Rain For the Very First Time and Her Reaction is So Sweet


One of the most wonderful things about little kids is their absolute innocence and the extreme wonder they display when presented with new and unfamiliar things. They find magic in things that adults tend to take for granted. Don Swift, dad to little Harper, took advantage of a summer shower to show Harper what rain is all about. In the sweet video, which he posted on his YouTube channel, Swift holds Harper in his arms and goes out to dance with her in the rain.

While most adults avoid a rainshower and do whatever is necessary to make sure their kids don’t get a drop of water on them, little Harper looks entranced and entertained by the situation and her rolling laughter and excitement is strong enough to brighten up any day. The dramatic music in the background does its job, giving us a solid minute and 25 seconds of pure magic that we rarely have a chance to experience.