This Artist Creates Incredible Street Art That’s Only Revealed When it Rains


While some people refuse to admit it and swear their love for rain, stormy weather sucks. It might be fun for a couple of hours here and there but the traffic, muck, cloudiness and getting completely soaked in the 8 second walk from your car to the front door of your house are just not worth it.

But then along came Peregrine Church, a then-20-year-old guy who learned about something called “super hydrophobic coatings” on YouTube. These substances have a special property – they resist water. Church, a naturally creative and super-artistic guy by nature, thought it would be awesome to use the substances to create special artwork that only appeared when it rained.

After months of experimentation with different formulas, he finally found one that was completely invisible on dry concrete. His goal? “To give people a reason to smile on rainy days.” He then ran around the city installing invisible art everywhere. He called the project #RainWorks. People loved his idea so much, it went viral and now you can purchase his magic invisible spray online to make your own!

The Seattle municipality fell madly in love with Church’s idea (which makes sense, considering the amount of rain they get over there) and gave him permission to put his artwork anywhere he pleased. His pieces include creative, funny, inspiring and educational messages, all revealed only when wet. We’ve included some of our favorites and we invite you to check out Church’s website to see more! (Link at the end of the post)

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