Only the bravest in the world are able to visit this fantastic bar…


If you are planning a trip to Mexico in the near future, we suggest you add this next place to your list of things to do while you’re there. There are only two requirements: 1. You have to come hungry and 2. You have to leave your fear of heights at home. If you aren’t planning a trip any time soon, or you’d rather enjoy the view from the comfort of your own couch, we’ve got you covered. Scroll down to see pictures of a restaurant where you can enjoy your food while suspended between the sky and the earth, hundreds of feet off the ground. 


This unique restaurant, designed by the Mexican architecture firm with the appropriate name “Tall Arquitectos”, will be built in the next few months on one of the cliffs in Copper Canyon, one of Mexico’s most stunning natural wonders.

As you can see in this next series of stunning photos, the restaurant will have two levels. The upper level will include a swimming pool, lounge and deck as well as seating areas looking out over the canyon. 


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The lower level will house a cocktail bar and restaurant. But we recommend you don’t go in unless you’re particularly brave. You see, the floor is made entirely of glass, which is the only thing separating you from a deadly fall into the deep valley below. 



The entrance to the restaurant will be marked with a minimalist white wall bearing the name of the unique eatery – “Bire Bitori”. Behind the wall will be a staircase that leads to the breathtaking dining area. 




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Aside from the stunning view of the canyon, which reaches depths of more than 5,000 feet (!!!), the restaurant’s visitors will be able to gaze out upon the 820 foot Basaseachic waterfall, located right across from the restaurant.


In case rock climbing is your thing, this will be the view of the restaurant from below. 10

And this is what the restaurant will look like from above. If you ask us, aside from the regular menu, we think the chef should add a special side of antianxiety medication.  11 12

Via: Tall Arquitectos

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