DIY: 23 Super Creative Ways to Reuse Old Kitchen Items


If you dig through the cabinets in your kitchen, you’ll probably find quite a few items that you rarely use. You might even find some things that you’ve never used at all. But that’s how it is. As soon as you have your own place, you start collecting all kinds of bizarre kitchen gear that you just don’t throw out.

So if you have an old tea set from grandma, some old whisks or a frying pan you just don’t use, we have some super creative ideas for how to use them to redecorate. Check it out:

A glass coffee pot turned into a stunning terrarium. 

A set of tea cups and saucers turned into a clock. 

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An old tea cup and saucer turned into a bird/squirrel feeder. 

Another creative way to use teacups and saucers.  

Or how about using them as succulent planters? Pretty classy. 

Or candles!

Whisks used as candle holders.

Or perhaps ladles.  

These are simple wine glasses that have been turned upside-down and painted to live a new life as candle holders. 

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These martini glasses are glued to plates to serve as elevated cookie platters. 

Old frying pans turned clocks. We especially love the silverware hands.  

Pie dishes used as picture frames 

Rolling pins cut and attached to a board to make a towel rack. 

Funnels can be used as string dispensers to keep your crafts table organized and adorable.  

Same with a strainer. Perfect for holding all of your knitting yarn. 

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These strainers make great lamp shades. 

Do you have an old portable grill? These people spray painted theirs a metallic copper and it made a pretty planter. 

Do you have an old set of silverware you don’t use anymore? They make great garden markers!

This super wacky mirror frame made out of cutlery. 

There are all kinds of ways to use old kitchen items to store little things like jewelry, thread spools and bracelets. We love the painted grater.

Use an old cutting board as an iPad stand. Perfect for displaying your favorite recipes while you cook.

This old wine barrel turned coffee table.