This Guy Was So Bored, He Decided to Challenge Room Service to a Hilarious Competition


For anyone who has never had the opportunity to travel for work, it can seem like the free flights and hotels are pure awesome. For anyone who travels regularly for their job, it’s clear that the trips are definitely not all roses and sparkles. Hours spent on the road, away from your own bed, forced to sit on long, tedious flights next to complete strangers, eating weird food and then lonely nights in hotels can all be exhausting.

That’s why it’s not all that surprising that people look for original ways to pass the time on business trips. And no, we’re not talking about Tinder. Take, for example, this next guy, who had to go to Azerbaijan for a business trip. So how did he pass the time? He challenged the room service staff to a hilarious contest.

Every morning, before leaving his room, the guest left the room service staff an entertaining arrangement of pillows and blankets. 

The room service staff seemed to like it. 

So the next day, he went bigger. 

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Room service went for it, cleaning up the bed and the sheets, and re-doing his artwork.

Along with this note. 

So he went bigger. And this time he brought in more props. 

And then some origami. 

We’re just wondering what kind of deep pits of hell he got these ideas from. 

Room service seems a little confused, too. 

This we like. 

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And so did room service, apparently. 

And back to creepy-town.

Okay, this one would give us a heart attack. 

Room service didn’t seem to mind.

And as a thanks on his last day in the hotel, he made a special surprise with a few treats for the great service. 

Via: BoredPanda

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