This 15-Year-Old’s Phenomenal Audition is One of the Most Spectacular Things Ever Seen on Reality TV


The truth is, we’re all a little fed up with reality TV. It was fun for a while but there are only so many hours you can spend watching half-choreographed crap presented as real life in the most artificial conditions in the history of television. Still though, there’s a special place in our heart for the really good episodes of the various singing competitions.

Thanks to the brilliant invention that is social media, you no longer have to watch each and every episode in order to find the best of the best – you can be sure that anything even remotely out of the ordinary will make its way around social media like wildfire.

While many of the auditions are good, Sarah Ikumu’s audition for Britain’s Got Talent was so fantastic, Simon hit the “Golden Buzzer”. The young singer showed up with her parents and chose a song that most professional singers wouldn’t dare to even try and cover – Jennifer Hudson’s And I Am Telling YouEven if you’re not familiar with the song, all you have to do is listen once to understand that the song is incredibly difficult to sing. While it may have been a risky choice, it definitely was the right one cause by the time Ikumu is done belting out the tune, everyone in the audience is on their feet, including the judges.

So if you’re wondering whether or not she made it to the next round, the answer is pretty obvious. As soon as Simon hit the Golden Buzzer, her spot was guaranteed.

So here’s her audition. Yes. It’s real. And yes. She’s just 15: 

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