25 Funny and Evil Pranks That Only Siblings Could Pull


The love between siblings is something special. It is founded on competition, jealousy and hand-me-downs and it lasts forever. But like anyone with a sibling knows, the rivalry that exists breeds some seriously clever pranks that no one but a sibling could possibly carry out. We’ve collected 25 of the evilest we could find and they’re absolutely hilarious. Check it out.

“My brother and I agree that Nicholas Cage is the worst so we mess with use him to prank each other. This time, we took it a little too far.”

“I asked my brother to save me a plate of food from Thanksgiving dinner with a little bit of everything.”

“It was hot outside and my brother asked if I wanted some watermelon.”

“My brother made me a playlist”

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“My wife finished the Police Academy and this is what her sister sent.” 

“I switched my sister’s photo with a picture of Putin before our extended family came over for the holiday. They didn’t notice.” 

“My brother picked me up from the airport when I came home from college.” 

“My vegan sister fell asleep. She was so confused in the morning.” 

“My evil sister did this.” 

“His sister asked him to save the newspaper from her wedding day.” 

How to freak out your sibling with a picture.

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One particularly evil brother. 

“My brother and I got into a prank war. So I took it one step too far.”

“I owed my brother a thousand dollars. This is how I returned it.”

“My sister is really tall and people call her “giraffe” which she hates. So I bought her this as a present.”

“Mom: Your sister is sleeping in your room tonight. Me:”

“My brother’s new shoes arrived while he was at work and he asked me to send him a photo of them” 

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“My brother sent me a potato in the mail. For the second time.”

“My sister came over to help me move. I left her alone for 10 minutes.” 

“Our sister hid the fact that she had a boyfriend so before he came over for the first time, we dressed up for the occasion.”

“My brother has a bizarre sense of humor”

“My brother and I planned to meet up at a restaurant. He came dressed like this.” 

“My brother ruins my selfies.” 

Via: BoredPanda