28 People Who Caught Their Significant Others Doing Something Hilariously Embarrassing


The biggest enemy of attraction is embarrassment. Or in other words: If someone does something embarrassing, it’s a lot harder to be attracted to them. But when you’re in a long term relationship, you can’t hide 24/7 and sooner or later, you’re going to get caught by your significant other doing something super embarrassing. And while most couples survive it, it’s always best to have proof — just in case ;). Lucky for us, we’ve managed to find photo evidence of 27 people who were caught in the act by their significant others doing something really embarrassing. Check it out:

Our flight was delayed 12 hours. At some point, my boyfriend disappeared and I found him in the kiddy playroom watching Frozen with a bunch of 6-year-olds.

I came home from work early and caught my husband like this singing “spider cat, spider cat”.

This is how my husband and the cat passed the time while I was out of the house.  

Our room gets really bright in the morning. This is how I found my husband sleeping when I came home from night shift.  

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My mom caught my dad in the middle of the living room enjoying an air-guitar session. 

This is the progression of my wife’s reaction when she realized she missed the icecream truck. 

I heard my husband tell the dog not to move. I came in the kitchen and found this. 

My husband told me he was working out, but when I came in the room, this is how I found him. 

I caught my husband slow dancing with our cat.  

My wife hates that I play video games. I introduced her to SkyRim and came home 8 hrs later and found her like this. 

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My sister said she lost her husband in the toy store and found him like this.  

I came out of the shower and found them like this. The dog seems more embarrassed than my husband.  

I caught my girlfriend vacuuming wearing this onesie.   

I came to visit my husband at the office and this is what I found.  

My wife didn’t know I was working from home today. She’s supposed to be working on her book. Expected release date: 2034.  

At least I know my boyfriend showered today. 

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My wife found out where I was getting all my frozen Snickers.  

I drank too much and my wife decided to have a little husband/dog shaming fun.  

My incredible husband playing with our son. 

Seems legit. 

Finally caught my girlfriend in the act.  

I needed to get a phone number out of my wife’s contact list. She said her password was our anniversary. I gave her the phone like this and told her I didn’t know what happened. 

This is what I found in my husband’s glove compartment.  

Caught my husband red handed. He thinks I don’t know.  

My girlfriend failed to mention her fear of heights before we climbed to the top of the tower.  

I always know when my husband has been watching porn 

I caught my wife reading outloud to our cat.  

Via: BoredPanda