30 Hilarious Pictures of People Who Look Like Something Else Entirely


When you pick out your clothing each morning, it’s important to make sure that you’re wearing something appropriate. We’re not talking about not wearing white to a wedding – we’re talking about not dressing like a hotel carpet or a car wash or a piece of burnt toast. While this may sound obvious to some, others apparently need reminding. Here are 30 pictures of people (many of whom are famous) who need some help with their wardrobe:

Who wore it better?

If the whole modeling thing doesn’t work out for her, maybe Heidi Klum could get some extra cash working at the carwash.

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We’re wondering why she purchased that dress in the first place.

Oh Justin Bieber, a quick mirror check before you leave the house is all we ask. 

When the hotel’s interior designer and your aunt shop at the same rug store. 

Maybe Ivanka’s designer was really hungry when he designed the dress…

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Lil’ Wayne and E.T. 

Kim Kardashian and Danny DeVito – too close for comfort. 

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Lady Gaga looks like an outdoor heating lamp.

Well that’s confusing. 

Same taste in hotels and clothing.

Camouflage socks (for when you really need to hide your ankles). 

Justin! Not again!

Kim Kardashian looks like a bag of onions. 

Nicki Minaj. We need to talk. 

Justin’s good ol’ days: his hair makes us want soup. 

When your kid moonlights as a fire hydrant to make some extra cash. 

The perfect outfit for the cleaning crew. 

That must be on purpose, right?

One is homeless and the other’s a model. Which is which?

That dress is definitely not biodegradable!

Find the differences between Rihanna and a can of Arizona ice tea.

Beyonce looks like a strawberry candy. 

How to be a tissue box. 

Rihanna looks like a bath poof. 

We call this look the “Steak Tartar”

Crack action

Separated at birth. 

Nicki Minaj and a troll doll. 

Via: BoredPanda