Overly-Attached Dog Stalks His Owner ALL THE TIME


Anyone who owns a dog knows that these furry and faithful creatures often have this ingrained need to keep us safe. They bark when a stranger comes to the door, keep their ears up to monitor their surroundings even when they’re resting, and come as soon as we call. But Cyrus, a 2-year-old Bull Mastiff seems to have gone a little too far when it comes to guarding his owner.

Cyrus recently started doing something that we have to admit is a little creepy. He follows his owner’s every move – but from afar – hiding behind furniture and staring at her like a stalker.



“Sometimes I don’t even notice that he is following me until I get out of my chair or look around the room and see him staring at me from behind some piece of furniture,” says his owner, Lauren. 3

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“My theory is that he stares at me and follows me around all the time because he’s afraid I’m going to disappear on him so he wants to know where I am and what I’m doing all the time.”7

“It can definitely be both surprising and creepy.” 8

“But I learned to love it and I wouldn’t change him for the world.” 9


“From the very beginning he was this loving creature that would do anything to get my attention.” 11

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“Whether it was barking so I would pay attention to him or learn the art of camouflage and stalking, as you can see in the photos.”13



“Oh and by the way, in addition to being a professional stalker, Cyrus has a big heart and helps save lives.”16


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“Every four months he donates blood to dogs in who need it.” 18


“And yes, he knows he’s a stalker. And after the court found him guilty, it became official and now he’s serving out his jail sentence at home with me :)” 20


Source: BoredPanda