This Japanese Invention Will Make You Want to Stay in Bed All Day Long


1Japanese Invention

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On long, cold winter nights, there is nothing better than climbing into bed under a pile of heavy blankets and refusing to get out of your cocoon until hibernation time is over. Apparently, the Japanese know what’s up and hundreds and hundres of years ago, identified this phenomenon of human nature. That’s when they invented a brilliant solution that allows you to enjoy the three best things about winter all at once: heat, a fluffy bed and a warm blanket.

They built what is known as a “Kotatsu” and we’re pretty sure they deserve the Nobel Prize. The simple structure is made out of two pieces of wood that form a table. A blanket is stretched between the pieces of wood and a heating element is placed below the table. Together, the whole structure is essentially a heated tent of loveliness that keeps you warm while giving you space for activities!

It turns out that some time in the 14th century, the structure of the bed table tent was a bit different and included a pit in the center where they would put hot coals that not only kept them warm but also cooked their food.