This Girl Looks Like She Has Perfect Skin, But When We Saw The Truth We Were Shocked (VIDEO)


We’re all well aware of what the sun can do to our skin. We hear it from everyone from our mothers to our doctors. But because the damage isn’t immediately apparent, we manage to ignore it when we head out with our beach blankets and headphones to spend a day soaking up those golden rays and working on our tans.

Rarely do we slather on an SPF or, better yet, cover up in the summer heat. And even when we do put on sunscreen, we often “forget” to reapply as we’re supposed to.

Thomas Leveritt used a special technique to show people just how damaged their skin really was, even if the damage wasn’t readily visible. His objective? To encourage people to protect themselves from the sun’s rays.

Leveritt put a UV camera in the street and asked passersby to pose. Most of the people were completely shocked when they looked at their skin through the special lense. As you’re about to see, people who appeared to have clean, fair skin when looked at through a regular camera lense actually had extensive “UV freckling” when their skin was examined with the UV lense. The lense showed damage that had not yet become visible to the naked eye. But the fact is, the damage is there, even if we aren’t used to seeing it.

This video shows us that we are all born with almost pristine skin that changes based on how well we take care of it. But the best part of the video, in our opinion, is the drastic effect that regular sunscreen has on our skin as viewed under UV light. The same stuff that is absorbed right into our skin evenly and effectively leaving barely a trace is a real shield and this video is proof. You gotta see it to believe it.

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