20 Hilarious Photos of Super-Pregnant Animals


1Super-Pregnant Animals

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While men will likely never understand pregnancy the way women do, no one can argue that while it may be a magical process, it is also incredibly difficult and uncomfortable, especially during the final few weeks. But if there’s anything about the final lap of pregnancy that is wonderful, it’s the beautiful baby bump shots you can get. And it turns out, they’re not just great when it comes to humans, they’re also awesome in the animal kingdom.

This next series of gorgeous shots shows 19 moms-to-be showing off their pregnant bellies. Some of them look like they were born for it and others look a little less comfortable. But either way, each picture gives us a glimpse into a side of the animal kingdom that we just don’t see very often and the results are pretty cool. Check it out.

“I’ve been eating hay for two.”