20 Super Sweet Products That Will Make Your Meals Way More Fun


Food is fun. That’s a scientific fact. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make it even more fun. Luckily, we’ve done our homework and found the 20 best products to make every meal into a celebration. So what’s on the menu? We’ve got cool cutlery, gorgeous gadgets and stunning straws. You’ll want to have more meals every day just to use them all. Check it out:

Why eat alone when you can eat with superheros?
Fussy kids don’t want their food touching? We’ve got you covered with these food separators: 

Bring emojis to life using this emoji cookie cutter

Boring old bread is so sandwich cutterlast year. Check out this panda bread .  

Hardboiled eggs have never been so cute.  

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Grab this LEGO cutlery and start playing with your food! 

Grab this doughnut tray and show your love.  

For your little scientist – rocket shaped utensils: 

Awesome food stencils cut your food into the coolest shapes.  

Keep the kids quiet at the dinner table with these adorable placemats.  

In the market for a new thermos? If you’re a Star Wars fan we’ve got just the thing for you.  

The WonderVeg makes every meal a delicious, nutritious treat!

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This awesome veggie peeler lets you sharpen your veggies and eat the shavings.  

Grab these reusable, heat resistant straws for coffee and tea. 

Boring old rice is a thing of the past. Check out this cute penguin rice sushi mold. 

Grab these sandwich cutters to make sure you never have a boring sandwich again. 

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These adorable snack containers are the way to go.  

These adorable ice pop molds will have your guests coming back for seconds.  

This tea shark will make tea time oh so special.  

Via: BuzzFeed