25 Before and After Photos That Show the Truth Behind Weight Loss Pictures


1The Truth Behind Weight Loss Pictures

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Scientists have yet to figure out the psychology behind the phenomenon, but people love before and after photos. It doesn’t matter if they’re weight loss, make-over, remodelling or whatever else – people just love ’em. Maybe it’s because we like to believe that we have room to be better, healthier, more beautiful versions of ourselves. All we have to do is spend 10 hours a day in the gym, eat nothing but kale and totally change our genomes.

The problem with these before and after photos, though, is that they’re an optical illusion. The “before” photo is typically taken in the worst lighting ever from a horrible angle in an unflattering shirt and pants that are too small. The “after” photo is typically a combo of perfect lighting, flattering camera angles and clothing that fits the way it’s supposed to.

And that’s precisely what a bunch of Instagram stars tried to prove when they uploaded “before” and “after” photos of themselves taken three seconds apart. They offer proof of the fact that angle and lighting are absolutely everything. Check it out.

3 second transformation!

Me 99% of the time and me 1% of the time. Taken 3 seconds apart. 

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Three second transformation.

2 minutes between photos – magic!

Same girl, same day, same minute. 

Same girl, same day – just a different position. A perfect reminder that our bodies look different from different angles. And that’s totally normal and natural and fine. 

These photos were taken 2 minutes apart. Don’t be afraid of how your body looks from different angles. 

The difference between flexing while standing up straight and bad posture. 

Taken three minutes apart – all I changed was the lighting, a fixed my hair, changed my lingerie and changed positions. 

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30 second transformation