20 Photos That Only People Who Surfed the Web in the 90s Will Understand


Hello young people who still aren’t old enough to drink. If you’re reading this, chances are you don’t remember a time when touch screens were found only in sci-fi movies and wireless communication was non-existent. Luckily, we’ve got photo evidence. And we’re not talking digital photos. We’re talking photos that you had to take to the drugstore to get developed. 36 shots per roll. Those kinds of photos.

Anyway, whether or not you were aware of it, it turns out that there was internet long before there was wifi and many of us remember it well. The struggle was real back then. Check it out:

We used to use this bizarre device to “get online”.

And “getting online” required using a phone. (PS. This is a phone) 

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And every time you wanted to get online, you had to “dial up” and you would here this noise. 


And since you couldn’t be online and use the phone at the same time, if you were online for more than 10 minutes, you’d probably hear your mother scream, “get off the web! I need to use the phone!”

And you had to install the internet. Installing it required one of these circular pieces of shiny plastic. 

Chrome? Firefox? Think again. We used fancy things like Netscape:  

And the search engines looked like this: 

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And using these amazing browsers, you could even find these kinds of fancy sites.

That’s assuming that the site loads. Cause in many cases you needed to stare at half the screen cause it just wasn’t loading. 

You actually had to type in http://www. before every site address. 

Online directions were absolutely revolutionary. You had to print them out, though. 

A long, long time ago, we use to communicate via ICQ and AIM.  

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And there was nothing more exciting than seeing your crush online. It was pretty pathetic, to be honest. 

And then the future arrived. And MSN messenger changed our lives forever.  

And long before Spotify and iTunes, we had to steal our music through sites like Kazaa and Napster. And you had no idea if what you were downloading was legit or not.  

And downloading things from the internet was really slow. Like REALLLLLY slow: 

And that music you downloaded? This is how you listen to it: 

People who would post their own sites on Geocities.com. The fanciest designs ever: 

And plenty of websites were under construction…which looked like this:

Or this:

On the other hand – it was really fun every time you heard that noise. You know the one we’re talking about: You’ve got mail!

Via: Buzzfeed