What Everything Looks Like To Dogs


If you’ve ever tried to step into your dog’s mind and see the world through his eyes, you may have found that their world is just a little crazier than ours. Every morsel of food is more delicious, every passing car more exciting, every ball – the greatest thing ever invented.

Some of their quirks are adorable, others are downright insane. But if you’ve ever watched your dog react to thunder, or the slightest hint that you might want to put them in the bath, and wondered what on earth is going through their minds, this next series of illustrations might give you some insight.

Other dogs’ poop 1

Bathtime 2

Thunderstorms  3

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Burgers (or any meat, for that matter) 4

The meaning of life. 5

Whenever you leave the house 6

Whenever you come back7

Via: CollegeHumor 

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