This Book Publisher Created Books That Grow Into Trees


If you ask little kids where books come from, their answer will probably be “from the store”. But as we all eventually learn, books are made of paper, and paper, unfortunately, is the product of trees, the precious resource on our planet that allows us to breathe. Hundreds of thousands of trees are chopped down every year just so that we can read a book before bed.

This wasn’t lost on a small publishing house in Argentina. Sick and tired of the waste of paper that comes from all of the books printed only to be tossed not long after, the company created a venture they called Tree Book Tree. Their venture adds real tree seeds right in the paper of their books and when the children are done reading, they can plant the books right in the ground and replenish earth’s resources.

The publisher’s books are printed on acid free paper using non-toxic ink to ensure the most environmentally friendly results. Check it out:


The incredible idea is the brainchild of Pequeno Editor, the publishing house. Their objective was to teach children ages 6-12 about the importance of recycling and caring for nature. So far, the books haven’t made it around the globe, but with an idea this awesome, we’re guessing it’s only a matter of time. Keep up the good work!

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