This Guy Got On a Plane and Found His Exact Lookalike Twin


Just after stepping onto a plane traveling from London to Ireland, one of the stewardesses on board approached Robert Sterling, a 35 year old Irishman, and asked him if he would be willing to switch places to let a couple sit together. Sterling agreed, took his things and switched to the other seat. A few minutes later, Neal Douglass, a 32 year old British man stepped onto the plane and when he reached his seat, he was surprised to see something you just don’t see every day. Well, something he did see everyday. That is, when he looked in the mirror.

“I asked the guy sitting in the aisle seat if he could move in one seat and when he looked up, I said ‘Holy shit! He looks just like me!'” said Douglas about the hilarious doppelganger moment.

Of course, Douglas was very surprised about the insane coincidence and did whatever anyone would do in that situation – he pulled out his smartphone and took a joint selfie with his equally bearded twin. He posted it on twitter and it immediately went viral. We’re particularly fond of the gentleman in the background who totally seems to be in on the joke.

“Later, after we landed, I got to my hotel and found out that my twin had also checked in at the same hotel just a few minutes earlier!” said Douglas. “We ended up spending the evening together and having a beer. Lots of people asked if we were brothers.”

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And just when you thought that the crazy story was over, it’s not. Someone on Twitter noticed the uncanny resemblance between the two and his good friend. He He tagged his buddy making the twins into a set of triplets. Pretty crazy.