This Cat was given the title of “Ugliest Cat Sleeping Face in Japan” and When You See It You’ll Understand Why


Mean Sacho-Chan, a sweet and fluffy feline who, according to a number of national Japanese news sites, has the ugliest sleeping face in Japan. Upon first glance, the title might be surprising. After all, the cat is white and, by any standard, beautiful. So how is it possible that the creature won an ugly award? Just wait until Sacho falls asleep and we’re pretty sure you’ll understand.

When this animal hits the hay, all of her sweetness disappears and her real face comes to light. As you might have guessed, this funny cat has become pretty popular in Japan with more than 70,000 faithful followers on Twitter. You’re invited to scroll down and decide for yourself.

This is how Sacho Chan looks when she’s awake. Pretty, right?

Sometimes, she starts feeling a little sleepy and heads in for her beauty sleep. 

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But then, right before she passes out, something very odd happens, and her sweet face twists into something very odd and very unpleasant.   

And here are a few more shots that prove just how she landed the title of “Ugliest Sleeping Face in Japan”