25 Bizzare Photos That Will Make You Feel Really Uncomfortable


If you think about it, there are a lot of thing about human behavior that are really odd. Like – why do we like things organized? Why do certain noises or words (like “moist”) make us cringe? And why on earth does this next series of photos make pretty much everyone really, really uncomfortable?

Check it out.

A tree showing of its goods.150

This is what a peeled lemon looks like.  224

A pitless avocado. 317

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This sliced cat.  47

This makeup is confusing. 510

Black toilet paper68

An exit sign with lowercase letters78

This bread was sliced the wrong way.87

This wall missing a single brick. 96

The students posing on the cover of this text book which is also the textbook they’re holding in the picture. 107

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This bristle-less tooth brush1115

An oreo wearing its skin inside out.1212

A crime against cookies1311

These public toilets are a little too public.1410

Mario and Luigi clean shaven. Freaky. 156

When your fork falls into the syrup.164

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The space before the “e”.  173

These bubbles182

This empty lollipop 🙁 192

This lone window. 203

This unstoppable blade of grace.2110

These self-standing jeans231

This undecided branch243

This bag of chips that was opened upside down.252Via: BuzzFeed