NEED: These Unicorn Slippers Light Up When You Walk Making this the Most Magical Winter EVER


If you’re anything like us, you suffer from cold footsies in the winter. And if you’re anything like us, slippers are the answer to all the world’s problems. They warm our feet and our hearts and when we buy slippers, we make sure to go all out.

We’re all familiar with animal-shaped slippers. It started with bunnies and then progressed to less traditional forms – bears, lions, SpongeBob Squarepants, etc. But humanity has reached a new summit. That’s right. Some brilliant soul created unicorn slippers. Not only are they soft and fuzzy, not only do they have a shiny golden horn for each foot. That’s right. This lovely footwear LIGHTS UP.

“All my friends are super jealous. They light up everyone’s life. Or at least their walk to the bathroom,” said one comment on which sells the amazing slippers.

If you decide to get a pair for yourself or your significant other, it will run you $35 – totally reasonable if you ask us. Oh – and in case you were wondering, they’re battery operated.

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