Hilarious: 19 Family Photos That Are Absolutely Out of Control


It’s hard to remember that there used to be photos other than selfies. But if you dig deep into your memory, or happen to stumble upon an old dusty album in your grandparents attic, you just might find the good ol’ portraits your family spent so long arranging and posing for. Yes, it was long, long ago. Before digital memory cards and smartphones made each photo essentially free.

Overall, family photos were a pretty boring thing – both to pose for and to look at. It turns out, though, that there’s a special little niche in the genre that is hilariously entertaining. And we’ve collected a whole bunch of them for your entertainment. Check it out:

The idea was to have everyone stand in order of height. But then the baby fell because no one was holding her.

Swinging the babies all the way to the emergency room.

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Ah. If only dad would stand a few inches to the left or right, the chidlren wouldn’t have needed so much therapy. 

On the count of three, everyone jump.

A happy little family: Mom’s face says it all. 

At least someone has a good view. 

What is love? Hint: Mess with mom. 

Maybe we should have stuck with “cheese” 

Maybe individual photos of the kids would have been a better idea. 

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This seems like a perfect shot for the family Christmas card.  

This is how it started. And this is how it ended. He seems pretty pleased with himself. 

Definitely adopted. 

The definition of irony. 

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The dogs face says it all: Get me out of here. Please. 

If you thought that the matching shirts were the embarrassing thing here, you were wrong. 

She sees dead people. 

You can always trust the family pooch to fillthe happy family photos with a little humor. 


It’s fine. They bounce.  

“I should have had a vasectomy”

Via: Smosh