You Have to See it to Believe it: This Guy is an Absolute Wizard at Photoshop


1Wizard at Photoshop

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Yes, we all have smartphones. Yes, we all pride ourselves on our incredible Instagram skills. But what you’re about to see can’t be done with a filter. The guy responsible for these photo edits is a true artist and once you see his work, you’ll understand why.

Max Asabin, a digital artist from Russia, has proven to be one of the most skilled people we’ve ever seen when it comes to everything photoshop. His work is not surreal or magical. There are no dinosaurs or aliens. But that might be what makes his projects so incredible. It is absolutely impossible to tell that they have been doctored at all.

Max takes real photographs of people and places and seamlessly mixes them to create a new image. He cuts and pastes people out of one scene and transports them into another, adding shadows, reflections and the most minute details that most people would likely never even think of. And the results? Spectacular. If you like what he does as much as we do, we invite you to check out his official website (link at the end of the post).

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