24 Mesmerizing Pictures of Animals In Their Mother’s Womb


1Animals In Their Mother’s Womb

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Cats, dogs, rabbits and all kinds of other animals have a special place in our heart and on our Facebook feed, with tons of adorable videos, memes and photos that we can’t get enough of. But we have a bunch of pictures here that will have you “awwwwww”-ing more than ever and give you a glimpse into a world that we rarely get a chance to see.

This series of photos shows animals inside their mothers’ wombs (or inside an egg, in some cases). Some of these pictures we’ve seen before (like in the National Geographic album “In the Womb: Animals“) but we find ourselves mesmerized by these photos every time we see them.

The series’ producer, Peter Chin, used special technology that included medical imaging, 3-D ultrasounds, miniscule cameras and computerized graphics in order to create these precise images that may not be 100% real but give a realistic and up-close glimpse into the reality of what these fetuses look like inside of their mothers.

Keep in mind, most of the animals that appear in these images are mammals in their mothers’ uterus, but some, like the snake and the penguin, hatch from eggs. Oh – and the sharks? They grow inside eggs in their mothers bodies and hatch while still inside meaning that they are born alive just like mammals.

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