A Colored Pencil Love Story: This Guy Made His Girlfriend The Most Incredible Gift Ever


Lots of couples tend to find themselves trapped in the monotony of daily life. Often, work and other responsibilities can get in the way of good, old fashioned quality time. Yahel Elkabetz, an Israeli animator and illustrator, decided to try to break the monotony and surprise his girlfriend with a super cool gift that was totally out of the ordinary. “Danielle works really hard as a waitress and has a lot of terrible customers. There were times when we could go days and days without being able to spend any time together because of our schedules so I decided to surprise her and with something for both of us. I wanted it to be original. Something that no one had ever seen before,” said Elkabetz.

Instead of planning a romantic dinner or heading out for a movie, Yahel grabbed his markers, pencils, some paper and a really expensive camera and spent five months working on this incredible stop-motion movie. The results is absolutely spectacular and includes more than 2,000 drawings, all done by hand, and all done to bring a smile to Danielle’s face.


At the beginning of the movie, which has landed hundreds of “likes” on the artist’s Facebook page, you can see Elkabetz sitting at his drawing table while Danielle is at her shift at the restaurant. He sends her a text asking how she’s doing and she responds “I just wanna be somewhere else. I miss you.” From that moment, the story takes a crazy twist and using his unbelievable drawing skills and the perfect background music from Studio TunEnvision, the two are swept away on a magical journey.

“I did most of the work on the movie secretly but at a certain point, there were thousands of illustrations around the house. It was hard to hide it. Also, I needed her to be in the final frames of the video,” says Elkabetz, adding: “Danielle was crazy about it. Just like a little kid.”

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What’s more romantic than that?

Click here to see the video on Yahel’s Facebook page.