25 Architects Who Had One Job And Still Failed


While thousands of years of human history have resulted in some of the grandest architecture we have. And surprisingly, quite a bit of was created without most of the modern technologies we have today. But sometimes, even if the task is simple and all materials and tools imaginable are available, people just can’t get it done.

This next hysterical series of pictures shows you just what happens when someone screws up. Sometimes it’s the laborers, sometimes it’s the contractor, sometimes it’s the engineer and sometimes it’s the architect. But no matter who is responsible, you have to wonder just how much they had to drink the night before.

Who designed these purposeless stairs? At least they’re wheelchair accessible. 

ארכיטקטים כושלים 2

A hotel with an inaccessible seating area. We’re wondering how they get fresh flowers up there. 

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ארכיטקטים כושלים 3

In the event of a fire, um…run?

ארכיטקטים כושלים 4

The funniest part is that this bridge is located in a school of design. 

ארכיטקטים כושלים 1

This one is just irritating.

ארכיטקטים כושלים 5Making stairs wheelchair accessible has never been deadlier.

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ארכיטקטים כושלים 6

A cash machine for Spiderman

We’re confused. 

ארכיטקטים כושלים 8

Well, they do the job.

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ארכיטקטים כושלים 9

We’re not engineers or anything but we’re pretty sure that there’s a better place to put the support beams. 

ארכיטקטים כושלים 10

If you manage to get up the stairs, you can use this accessible bathroom. 

ארכיטקטים כושלים 11

Here boss, I built the stairs just the way they appear in the blueprints. 

ארכיטקטים כושלים 12

Wait, what?

ארכיטקטים כושלים 13

We’re gonna guess that these seats are a little cheaper. 

ארכיטקטים כושלים 14

This building looks like a toilet. 

ארכיטקטים כושלים 15

We didn’t want to take out any cash anyway. 

ארכיטקטים כושלים 16

There’s nothing like a beautiful staircase that almost leads somewhere. 

ארכיטקטים כושלים 17

FOR RENT: 2 bedroom, 2 bath, and a beautiful balcony

ארכיטקטים כושלים 18

And if that last balcony wasn’t your thing, maybe this one will be. 

ארכיטקטים כושלים 20

Handicapped parking for people with a helicopter. 

ארכיטקטים כושלים 21

Steps to…a pole?

ארכיטקטים כושלים 22

We hope this “support column” isn’t supposed to be there for structural reasons. 

ארכיטקטים כושלים 23

The most pointless door ever. 

ארכיטקטים כושלים 24

Maybe don’t go out on the balcony. 

ארכיטקטים כושלים 25

We’re not sure if this was some kind of bizarre error but we like it. 

ארכיטקטים כושלים 26

So close. So very close. 

ארכיטקטים כושלים 27

An emergency exit. As long as you can get through the wall first.

ארכיטקטים כושלים 29

Oh you knew exactly what you were doing. 

ארכיטקטים כושלים 30

We didnt want to use those drawers anyway. 

ארכיטקטים כושלים 31

When you want to put in a drainage pipe but there’s a clock in the way. 

ארכיטקטים כושלים 32

A poorly planned bicycle path 

ארכיטקטים כושלים 33

Another brilliant architectural creation.

ארכיטקטים כושלים 34

And another brilliant staircase. 

ארכיטקטים כושלים 35

A bench for the public’s enjoyment. 

ארכיטקטים כושלים 36

via: BoredPanda