18 Illustrations That Perfectly Capture The First Magical Moments of Any Romantic Relationship


If you’re in a relationship now, or ever have been in the past, you know what it feels like when you meet someone and just can’t get enough of them. There are those magical moments right at the beginning when you understand that your feelings are reciprocated, that allow us to fall in love.

Yung Sa On, a 29 year old illustrator who lives in Seoul, created “Touch”, a series of illustrations that perfectly captures those pure, beautiful moments that couples experience during the earliest stages of their relationships. Her classical drawing skills and minimalistic approach makes the images even sweeter. Check it out and get ready to fall in love.

Her warm breath on your shoulder

Doing whatever you can to try to get his attention

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The way your fingers intertwine so perfectly 

The feeling of her nails running through your hair 

Getting a glimpse when she’s not looking. 

Lazy Sunday mornings 

The lightest touch that you can feel into the depths of your soul 

How his hair falls perfectly across his eyes

How she looks at you and fills up your world.

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The way she smells.

The curves of her body 

That she loves it when you play with her hair 

And hold her tight when she’s tired. 

How you can spend hours just looking at each other

Exploring every inch of each other

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Falling asleep on the sofa, legs intertwined 

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