30 Hilarious Behind-the-Scenes From Game Of Throwns


If you consider yourself to be a real fan of Game of Thrones, which is (FINALLY) back with a vengeance for it’s 7th season, you’ve probably found yourself chilling on the couch in your living room, watching one of the episodes and wondering what it looks like on set when the cameras are off and the actors take a break. This next series of photos will give you an exclusive, behind-the-scenes glimpse into what it means to be on set of one of the most successful television shows in history. Hint: It’s awesome.

But right before you start scrolling, be WARNED! If you haven’t seen all the episodes yet, this post contains tons of SPOILERS. Proceed at your own risk!

The giants aren’t actually so giant. 

No smoking! Get her away from there!

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Remember the actors and this scene? (Hint: Hodor)  

Melisandre takes a selfie (aka a Meliselfie)

Bran tries to kill Hodor 

The guarders of the wall don’t love the rain.

Khaleesi isn’t happy with the shot

Recognize the scene? (Hint: sixth season) 

Seeing the Grey Worm smile is pretty odd.  

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Sansa and Brienne try to make friends with the show’s creators in order to try to stay alive

Taking a short break during the the last few episodes of the sixth season.

One of the most amazing scenes from the Battle of the Bastards  

The dragon is way less frightening in reality 

Everyone wants a photo with Khaleesi  

Holding the door so well! 

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A photo from the battle scene in the fifth season when they broke down the fence. 

The makeup artists have to work long and hard to get the Night King in shape for shooting 

The Night King gets a new baby – that will become the White King 

Don’t mess with him

The Lannisters are the best 

Even bastards need a little makeup 

Taking photos between scenes