25 Dogs That Are Terrified of the Funniest Things


It’s common, especially among little kids, for people to be afraid of dogs. They can be big, with sharp teeth and loud barks. We get it. But what do you do when your dog — the creature that’s supposed to protect you against intruders — is a scaredy cat? And we’re not talking about little dogs who are afraid of big scary things. No. We’re talking about big dogs who are afraid of tiny stuffed animals.

Well, if you’re not getting any watchdog services out of your canine, at least you’re getting some entertainment. We’ve got 25 photos of dogs who are terrified of something silly and we’re pretty sure you’re going to love ’em. Check it out:

This guy is afraid of kittens. 

Thunder. Seriously. 

To be fair, Julia Roberts is a little scary.

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Hold me! That creature is terrifying!

“My corgi is afraid of this stuffed lamb.”  

The dog is afraid of the Roomba. 

This dog appears to be terrified of his owner’s driving skills.  

This lovely lady has decided that rain is not her fave so she simply refuses to get out of the car.


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Hardwood-ophobia. It’s real.  

When your dogs are terrified of squash. 

My dog hates going to the vet 🙁  

My dog is terrified of entering the living room so he always walks in backwards.  

My dog is terrified of guitars. So I started eating all of my meals on my guitar. Now he doesn’t bother me while I eat. 

This sweet pup is terrified of the vacuum cleaner.  

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My dog is terrified of this squeaky giraffe.  

To be fair, this is pretty scary.  

This is how my dog deals with her fear of the cat. 

Birds can be scary!

This is what my dog does every time I turn on the vacuum.  

He’s terrified of the lawn mower 🙁  

To be fair, who doesn’t jump 10 feet in the air every time they see a mouse? 

This pup is afraid of his own birthday  

Cucumbers are scary!

Via: BoredPanda