This Little Boy’s Goldfish Funeral is One of the Sweetest and Saddest Things We’ve Ever Seen


If you’ve ever owned a goldfish, you know that at some point, the time comes for them to go back to the aquarium in the sky. And while it was only a goldfish, and you never had any meaningful conversations with your shiny little buddy, it’s still a sad day. It turns out that goldfish can live more than 40 years in nature but unfortunately the same is not true when we bring the creatures home from the fair.

The traditional burial method of goldfish has always been a proper burial at sea via the toilet. And as the little boy in this next video learns, saying goodbye can be harder than it looks.

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This incredibly sweet video shows the boy kissing his goldfish goodbye, dropping him into the toilet and saying goodbye for ever. But what started as an adorable little ceremony becomes super sad when he breaks down into a flood of tears for the friend he lost.