BRILLIANT: This Guy Dressed Up As His Dog’s Favorite Toy and Her Reaction is Hilarious


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Dogs are way cooler than humans. While humans are in constant need of new toys and gadgets to keep them entertained, dogs are happy with the same old toy, day in and day out, assuming they don’t manage to destroy it. That’s dogs for ya. Simple creatures.

Take, for example, Joline – a sweet golden retriever whose best friend is none other than Gumbi. Remember him? He was the green claymation dude with a horse named Pokey. Anywhoo, Joline loves her Gumbi to death and her owner knows it. So one day, he decided to dress up as Gumby and surprise his pup.

While it might sound like way too much effort for a silly dog surprise. It turns out, though, that he already had the costume lying around. Luckily, he shot a video during the adorable meeting. Check it out: 


Unfortunately, the tape stops rolling right before Mesches takes off the Gumby mask and reveals himself. Jolene wasn’t disappointed though. “She was still super excited for about an hour,” he said. That’s true love right there.

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Via: The Dodo