This Super-Mom Bakes Bread That’s Full of the Most Incredible Surprises Inspired By Her Kids’ Artwork


Bread is a staple in essentially every household around the world. It’s good at breakfast lunch and dinner, and most importantly, it’s delicious. Carbs are essentially one of the greatest things on planet earth and, in general, it’s hard to improve upon perfection.

But if anyone can improve upon something perfect, it’s the Japanese. And that’s where Konel Bread comes in. This Japanese treat turns baking into artwork.  The Tokyo based bread artist creates loaves whose secrets are revealed after once they’re sliced. And the most incredible part? Every part of this artwork is entirely edible. She uses cocoa, beet juice and other pigments to create intricate drawings in dough. The process requires extensive planning including layering of different shapes and colors to get the right product.

We’ve collected some of our favorites for your enjoyment but we highly recommend that you check out the artist’s Facebook and Instagram pages for regular updates (links at the end of the post). Enjoy!

Facebook | Instagram 

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